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You are going to give а talk about vegetarians. you will have to start in 1.5 minutes and speak for not mоrе than 2 minutes (8-10 sentences), rеmеmьеr to say: • what the word 'vegetarian' means; • why some people become vegetarians; • if you would like to beсоmе а vegetarian, use linking words and talk continuously. формат огэ

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компаред ту



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i am sitting in the park and writting my notes at the moment. it is hot. i hate this hot weather. i do not want to sit here. but roger is playing tennis with his friends. they are running and laughing. they need neither ice cream nor cold lemonade. they are having fun. they like this weather.

oh_ i saw an icecream man! it's great. ice cream is cold and tastes good.


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1)ложная черепаха


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