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Write down words matching with: music, hobby,game.

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cristiano ronaldo is a portuguese football player; he is one of the world’s best players in the 21-st century. many people believe him to be one of the best forwards of all time.

he began his professional senior club career in sporting lisbon in 2002 and then moved to england where he spent 6 years playing for manchester united. in 2009, real madrid paid the record sum of €94 million for his transfer, and ronaldo moved to madrid where he played for 9 years.

2009 through 2013 he was the most expensive football   player in the world.

in 2018, ronaldo moved once again, so now he is a player of juventus, italy.

his achievements in football are really amazing. he won the golden ball award 5 times. he won the champions league 5 times (once with mu and 4 times with real madrid). he is a 3-times english champion and 2-times spanish champion. he won the world club championship 4 times (once with mu and 3 times with real madrid).  

he is currently the european football champion as his team portugal won the european championship in 2016.

all in all, ronaldo has won 27 trophies with his national team of portugal and his club teams.

he is the top goalscorer of the european club tournaments of all time.

ronaldo is one of the best paid athletes of all time, but he is also   a generous person and donates money to charities. he has already donated   €10 million to various charitable organizations.

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the style  of man as  nothing else  can, and  to attract  attention  and  influence  on others.style -  it's  always  a sign  to others,  which  in itself  says a lot  about a person.  if a girlwears  business suits,  something about it  to say that  it  is likely to  work in the office.  if she likes  bright things, then it is  positive.  if you  like to wear  short skirts  and  cleavage, it is -  a bold  and sexy.

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rhytmical; vivid; nice; rock      -      music

strange;   fascinating; useful; idle      -      hobby

captivating; to back down in game; to start; the end of the game.

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beautiful lovely sad slow   unbearable music

unusual strange   popular hobby

interesting      new                         computer              game
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