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Write about someone you have met. what was your first impression of them? has your first impression changed since you got to know person better? сочинение

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dima said that he enjoied thrillers

polina said that they wll go to sochi next week

kirill said that he written an essay on literature

jane said that polina can swim well

ilya said that i shold translate the text!

kate said you are doing my homework now

lev said we shouldn`t run!

slava asked do i like strawberry jam

vitalina asked where do koalas live?

yura asked when are my birthday?

artyom said that we have english three times a week

vova said that he has been to the zoo twice

alisa said that she is chatting with her friends now

timofey said they watched a very interesting movie two days ago

vlad said that he can run fast

nastya said to don’t make noise!

danya asked to help him with his homework

danill said that our dog is clever

zhenya said they will have a test tomorrow

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in the russian official bodies of public health services is both paid medicine, and free treatment accessible to all. the state as is necessary carries out the duties of care of all categories of citizens: " everything, as to fast and necessary medical aid, is free-of-charge and qualitative ", " stable financial support of the state " and " the rigid control above local officials ".in my opinion, it is most the best, disciplined system. at our country also there is a set of private(individual) health services (service) and in comparison with the social organizations, the small difference is shown. his(its) superiority first of all comes to light the factor of the responsibility, steadfast care and knowledge of doctors of the work, and certainly much depends on it.



в российских государственных учреждениях здравоохранения является как платная медицина, так и доступное всем бесплатное лечение. государство как положено выполняет свои обязанности заботы обо всех категориях граждан: «всё, что касается скорой и необходимой медицинской , является бесплатным и качественным», «стабильная финансовая поддержка государства» и «жёсткий контроль над местными чиновниками».по моему мнению,это является наиболее лучшей,дисциплинированной системой. в нашей стране также присутствует множество частных медицинских обслуживаний(служба) и в сравнение с социальными организациями,небольшую разницу показывает. его превосходство первым делом выявляется фактором ответственности,пристальной заботливости и знанием врачей своей работы,а от этого конечно многое зависит. 

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i  was to the visit my frend. he live on the oxford street. i go and see  a stand women.

she is very beutiful. but she is very dirty. i  thought that your pupil has. i told her that she doesn't, she said that the vypačkalas′ noticed and that you apologized. i realized that she was very kind and polite, and cares about yourself simply was mixed to nondestructive paint.

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