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Wrire sentences which include these words or phrases. choose the tense carefully с прошу 1. twelve years ago: 2. already: 3. since: 4. in 1990: 5. last year: 6. : 7.

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i want to tell you about tatarstan, one of the biggest republics of russia.its population is about three million people.there are two state languages in tatarstan: russian and tatar.climate is moderate-continental with warm, sometimes hot summers and moderate cold winter.the capital of tatarstan is kazan. it is located on the left of the volga river and was founded in 1177 by the bulgar tzar idrahim.

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Генеральный директор изображён на картинке 2
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пропущенное слово в отрывке - book

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hi debbie!

how are you?

how is your learning at school?  

in a few days it will be holidays) what do you want to do on holidays? where will you be? are you waiting this holidays? our class is waiting this holidays very much) i hope it will be the greatest holidays of this summer)

with love..

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