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Who rules the counrry? перессказ краткий. афанасьева михеева 6 класс

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there are many health benefits to living outside of the city, or even in the suburbs: clean air and an abundance of foliage are enough to convince many city-dwellers that country living is for them.


but services such as municipal water and sewage disposal are often a rarity in very rural areas. in city areas, it is fairly easy to access transportation with city bus systems and taxis. the opposite is the case in rural areas: without your own transportation, it is difficult to get around.


with greater distances between houses, even getting groceries can be a difficulty. so if a person loses his / her driver's license or vehicle for some reason, it's a real hardship in a rural area. it has been said that village life encourages a greater sense of community and gives some perspective on what is important. when a family faces a hardship, often those in a rural community are quick to help wherever they can.


if there is a death in the family, members of the community are right there with condolences. if someone falls ill, the community pulls together to raise money for the family. the reactions to these kinds of situations are much different in urban areas. many city-dwellers don't know their neighbours beyond a "hello" as they pass each other in the hall. some don't even say that much. perhaps they feel they don't need their neighbours, way people in the rural areas have come to depend on theirs.


people in rural areas organise more events together than urbanites do. from church dinners to local fairs, to the community's summer barbecue, most people have their fingers in the pie, in one way or another. it is these types of events that help to bring a community together, because those who attend can claim ownership of the event.


in urban areas, special events are often competing against each other, since there are often many happening at the same time. many people who attend these urban events haven't got any particular sense of pride for them, as they are just spectators of the event, not coordinators.

while one could argue that city life is more exciting and at times more convenient, it's not necessarily better than country life.


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dear ben!

how are you? we haven't seen each other for ages, so i miss you so much.

this summer i'm visiting moscow. as you know, moscow is the capital of russia. i have read, heard and seen an enormous amount of things about moscow. we see it every day on tv. we can witness the tops of the kremlin towers behind the president's back at new year's night, buildings and constructions - on the daily news, on movies and so on. i heard from my parents and friends who had visited the city before that it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

moscow is pretty old, though it's younger than london. but it's older than new york. i will definitely visit the kremlin, red square, the mausoleum, the tretyakov gallery, the ostankino tv tower and many other fascinating places. l hope to take a lot of pictures in moscow. after my trip, i will write to you and describe everything in detail.

consider if you can visit russia, then we would meet. i want to see you as soon as possible, my friend.

best wishes,


дорогой бен!

как жизнь? мы давно не виделись, я так по тебе скучаю.

этим летом я еду в москву. как известно, москва-столица россии. я читал, слышал и видел огромное количество вещей о москве. мы видим её каждый день по телевизору. мы можем видеть вершины кремлевских башен за спиной президента в новогоднюю ночь, здания и сооружения - в ежедневных новостях, в кино и так далее. я слышал от моих родителей и друзей, которые были там, что это один из самых красивых городов в мире.

москва довольно старая, хотя и моложе лондона. но она старше нью-йорка. обязательно посещу кремль, красную площадь, мавзолей, третьяковскую галерею, останкинскую телебашню и многие другие интересные места. надеюсь сделать много фотографий в москве. после моей поездки я напишу тебе и всё подробно опишу.

подумай, не мог бы ты посетить россию, мы бы тогда встретились. я хочу увидеть тебя как можно скорее, мой друг.

c наилучшими пожеланиями,


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hi andrei! how are you doing there? do you like london? and my dad bought a computer a week ago, and now i want to play with you! will you play lords mobile with me? just my grandmother was eighty years old yesterday and i was in her village yesterday, i really liked it there. can you write to me in two days how beautiful it is? i will be very happy if you do it and wait for your letter! with love, your friend!

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Who sleeps in his room? what do busy pigs read? when do busy cockerels sing? why do busy cats wash their faces? how many dogs run in the park? where do busy foxes count their pencils?
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