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We will have solved this problem by the time they know about it что это за время? и какую мысль оно передает?

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the girl plays  tennis very well.

общий - does the girl play tennis very well?

специальный- what sport game does the girl play  very well? how does the girl play tennis?

специальный -what does the girl  do very well?

  к подлежащему- who plays tennis very well?

альтернативный- does the girl play tennis  or volleyball very well?

разделительный- the girl plays tennis very well, doesn*t she?

косвенный -he asks who  plays tennis very well. they ask what game the girl plays very well. we ask  how the girl  plays tennis.

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a charter flight is less expensive than a  regular flight.

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dear jim,

last month i  was at chatterplace. i had a good time there. i lived in a small but nice room. when it  was fine and warm,  i went for a walk and played tennis

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