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Use the articles a/an where necessary to make the story complete. retell the story.

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это что вставить



1. navruz is celebrated in 21 march

4 our familycompletely clean   house, cook holiday diner and call on our friends and relatives.

остальные не знаю


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there're many kinds of tourism.  you can go to another country with a permit and also you can go yourself.

you can choose  trip on permit or traveling on foot tourism,  this depends on your possibilities and desires.

when you choose a trip on permit you come at some hotel, live here and see sights of your country.

when you choose a foot tourism you can come to mountains or to a lake or in the forest and etc. (etc.- это "и так далее")

at all i prefer a trip on permit, because you  possible do not worry about payment and i can take fancy of the

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it is on the hands of course

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1)i usually take a warm blanket and drink hot chocolate.

2)i do it when i feel really bad.

3)at first a doctor examines me and measures the temperature and then he prescribes medication for me.

4)if you do not follow the instructions of the doctor, then this can lead to a terrible end.

5) я не понимаю вопрос

6)a typical flu patient has a strong dry or wet cough, high temperature and loss of strength.

7)i try more often to drink hot tea with lemon to eat chicken broth and breathe fresh air.

8)for this you need at least once a week to go to the gym or yoga and also need a little limit yourself in sweet and fatty foods.

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