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Think pf more questions about the picture. then work in pairs. close your books and and test your partner's memory. ask your own questions and those from exercise 4

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это что вставить



1. navruz is celebrated in 21 march

4 our familycompletely clean   house, cook holiday diner and call on our friends and relatives.

остальные не знаю


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the greatest russian poet alexander sergeyevich pushkin was born in moscow on 26 may 1799 and died on 29 january 1837 in st. petersburg. he was not only the poet, but also dramatist, novelist and writer of short storiesthe poet’s father came from an aristocratic family; on the mother’s side he had african ancestors. pushkin grew up in a well-educated family. when he was twelve he was sent to school named ‘imperial lyceum of tsarskoye selo’ and soon started to write romantic poems

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a .m fyli- family

  tehrrbo - brother

  fergahtrnad- grandfather

  sserti- sister

nso- son.

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2.going to study


4.going to buy

5.not having

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