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Think pf more questions about the picture. then work in pairs. close your books and and test your partner's memory. ask your own questions and those from exercise 4

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Tom asked if i had gone to school the day before.tom asked weather he was at the park then tom asked if i could switch off musictom asked if they were happytom asked if she liked rosestom asked if he should call to himkate asked what i sawkate asked where she had studied kate asked when i finished itkate asked who would go to the cinema the next daykate asked where i had beenkate asked what color my car was
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1. been


3. been

4. which subject wii you work at tonight?


6. be


8. she has just taken her results, is



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1. in 1995 java was licensed by netscape for use in their internet browser, navigator. 2. basic has been extended by microsoft in its visual basic product. 3. perl was developed by lary wall in 1987. 4. specific problems are not solved by systems software. 5. in the last ten years, speed trap units have been installed by police on many busy roads.

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am a student from moscow and plan to go to england for language courses. i am writing to you because i have a few questions and i want to know the information.

first,i would like to know what languages you teach, i need english and italian.secondly, how long does one lesson take and how many times a month do i have to walk? i don't know english very well and i don't know italian at all. i have a question.. do you have a group for beginners?  

in what city are the courses held? i want to rent a room, what can you advise? i don't want to spend a lot of money. what are your prices and are there discounts for students? another question, how much is a one-time travel around the city? and what is the fastest and most profitable transport?  

i would be very grateful if you tell me the month of the course start and what the weather is like at this time? do you have a website and a phone number for communication? tell me, what time is better to call?

i look forward to hearing from you.

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