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Task 2: choose the question and be ready to answer it after the teacher starts the conversation. you should add your ideas to the class discussion.teacher organizes a socratic seminar which helps teacher to assess learners while they are speaking on the topic ‘natural disasters’. learners are sitting in a circle and answering the question which teacher prepared and cut down beforehand.these are some rules to this task: 1. ask questions if you do not understand what someone has said2. you do not need to raise your hand to speak.3. pay attention to your “airtime”. 4. don’t interrupt.5. don’t put down the ideas of another learner. example: what are the safety rules for an earthquake emergency? learner’spossible answer: don’t panic.get under a table or a desk. check for injuries.call emergency services to get help for injured persons. leave the room. exit the building.once outside, move to the evacuation assembly point. wait for further instructions. ,! ​

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the first us president known to all americans as "the father of the nation" was george washington.he was born in virginia into a planter's family.when he was 11 his father died.the family had a lot of land but not enough money to send george to school in england as rich families used to do at that time.george learned to ride a horse,to hunt,shoot,sail and swim.george washington began his career in the service of his county as a major in virginia militia and later became commander in chief of colonial army during revolutionary war.he was among those who wrote the us constitution in philadelphia.people respected him for his wisdom and honesty.after the war george wanted to retire and live at mount vernon where he had a beautiful house and a big platation.on april 30, 1789,before a large crowd washington promised to preserve,protect and defend the constitution of usa.this is how gw became the first president of the contry and served 2 terms.he refused a 3rd term and in 1797 he retired to mount vernon where he died 2 years later

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v.k is a famous boxer.he is a world known champion.that means that he is a hardworker person,he is" sweating with blood" during his exercises ,i am sure that he is brave ,self-confident ,detemind and assertive.

in addition he is very kind. he helps to children's houses ,so he is involved into cherity work.i think that this tells a lot about him.

he is well known and easy recognazible person.he also very attractive man .he is well built and tall.

his country can proud of him.

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Hi l’m my birthday on february 20th. i always celebrate his at home with my close friends! we eat cake and have fan. my birthday is the best day of the ! надеюсь )
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