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Special Schools. Past Simple Make the Past Simple negative. 

Children from poor families (go) to usual schools.

Parents(have) money to give education to their children.

Students (do) many lessons.



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слова, обозначающие действия:

1. smile

2. sleep

3. kiss

4. work

5. do

6. swim

7. make

8. clean

9. fight

10. hug

обозначающие еду:

1. milk

2. eggs

3. meat

4. steak

5. cake

6. bread

7. butter

8. cheese

9. banana

10. pineapple

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это слово - information.


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1. i don't go to school at 7.40

do i go to school at 7.40

2.he isn't doing homework

is he doing homework ?

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the sports complex of my dream is that all the simulators, yoga and and interesting types of activities would be present there. what would be there for each coach, pool. i especially want everyone to follow the rules and discipline.

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