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Sam has got pigs, six cats and six rabbits.his pigs can .his cats can .

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there're many kinds of tourism.  you can go to another country with a permit and also you can go yourself.

you can choose  trip on permit or traveling on foot tourism,  this depends on your possibilities and desires.

when you choose a trip on permit you come at some hotel, live here and see sights of your country.

when you choose a foot tourism you can come to mountains or to a lake or in the forest and etc. (etc.- это "и так далее")

at all i prefer a trip on permit, because you  possible do not worry about payment and i can take fancy of the

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she has been waiting for me for 2 hours.

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sam has got pigs, six cats and six rabbits. his pigs can run. his cats can catch mice. his rabbits can jump.

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