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Rewrite the sentences in reported speech 1. james said to anne, you must call the police! 2.i said to him, i cant help you. 3.i couldnt hear him, she said. 4.he said, lee must have forgotten about the meeting. 5.you should see a doctor, he told me. 6.my brother might still be in bad, she said 7.he said to carol, you neednt get up early. 8.my dad told me,you must stay at home. 9.she said, the smiths may move to london. 10.i would love to join you, he told us 11.she said, david must be tired.

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the bird is yellow. its eyes are black.

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hi michaela

how are you? i wanted to thank you for the homework you did for me last sunday.

oh yeah the party i had last night - it was greate all the coolest boys from school were there i wish you should have came. drinks and food were fantastik. i met a guy named rob he is very handsome and nice.the music was so cool and rob asked me for a dance.

we danced alot until the midnight . he wanted to see me again.

best wishes

p.s. see you  on monday

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we are lay on the beach.

the sun is shining.

  the house was burned.

we spilled the juice. 

времен много. поэтому в каждом времени каждое предложение записать нереально. как я поняла , так я его и сделала. 

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ну можно еще motherboard , microprocessor , hdd  — hard disk drive , modem , microphone , usb, columns , usb flash drive , power supply unit , fan , cd and dvd-rom , reader и.т.д

  возможно, вы имели в виду: блок питания вентилятор


введите текст или адрес веб-сайта либо переведите документ. отмена ventilyator


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