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Report the sentences. Example: Tony said, “What time does the bus depart?” – Tony asked what time the bus departed. 1) Susan said, “I have already fed the cat.” 2) Mrs Jones said, “Where do you live, little girl?” 3) Paul said, “What are you going to do today, Julia?” 4) Helen said, “What will you cook for supper, Mum?” 5) Tom said, “This film was really exciting.” 6) The secretary said, “Mr Grey will sign the contract tomorrow.” 7) Mary said, “Penguins can’t fly.” 8) Erik said, “Don’t phone me too late.”

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1. how can i help you?

2. do you have warm mittens?

3. of course. do you have white and blue scarves?

4. how much does it cost?

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1, the engine stole the car. the constitution. z the rights and freedoms of citizens are guaranteed with. the crime investigates the senators handed down by the court. police, but punishment of prev. - why is the case heard in the swiss (swiss) court? such provision is included in the contract. 4, crimes are rarely committed without motive 6 "how is human guilt established? " 7. now in russia, the death penalty is not even assigned to serial killers. 8 of course, drug users are trained to find drugs and explosives. young criminals are not kept in ordinary prisons - max, serious welfare cases are being heard by the collegium of comrades. justice is sent only by the state .. legislative power in the uk is exercised by the parliament the government is formed by a political party which, according to holds the majority in the house of commons of the british parliament. the british prime minister is appointed queen.

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1) Susan told she had already fed the cat

2) Mrs Jones asked little girl where she lived

3) Paul asked Julia what she was going to do that day

4) Helen asked mum what she would cook for supper

5) Tom told that that film had been really exciting

6) The secretary told that Mr Grey would sign the contract next day

7) Mary told that penguins couldn’t fly.

8) Erik told not to phone him too late

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Сообщите предложения. Пример: Тони сказал: «Во сколько отправляется автобус?» - спросил Тони, во сколько отправился автобус. 1) Сьюзен сказала: «Я уже накормила кошку». 2) Миссис Джонс сказала: «Где ты живешь, маленькая девочка?» 3) Павел сказал: «Что ты собираешься делать сегодня, Джулия?» 4) Елена сказала: «Что ты будешь готовить на ужин, мама?» 5) Том сказал: «Этот фильм был действительно захватывающим». 6) Секретарь сказал: «Мистер Грей подпишет контракт завтра». 7) Мэри сказала: «Пингвины не могут летать». 8) Эрик сказал: «Не звоните мне слишком поздно».


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