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Replace the infinitives in brackets with the present, past indefinite passive or the present, past continuous passive: 1. this borough (to found) in 1901. 2. these radio programmes always (to listen) with great interest by everybody. 3. the lecture on civil codes (to hear) by all students with
great interest now. 4. when i returned to the city the new school still (to build). 5. the capital of great britain (to situate) on the river thames. 6. the houses of parliament (to build) in the 19th century. 7. the ancient houses of parliament (to destroy) by the fire.

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your name.

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Has she got beautiful children? общий she has got beautiful children,hasn't she? разделительный has she got beautiful children or friends? альтернативный whom has she got? специальный who has got beautiful children? вопрос к подлежащему
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писать  предложения в  present perfect.  перевод.  1.i  есть  уроки языка.2.учитель  ставит  наши  знаки  в реестр.  3.  мои друзья  экзамены.  4.  таняпошла в школу  в возрасте  до пяти лет.  5.  директор  объясняет  вещи ясно.  6.  ябеспокоиться о  вас.  7.  я  еду  в столовой.  8.  я буду  наслаждаться природой.я всё

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dima said that he enjoied thrillers

polina said that they wll go to sochi next week

kirill said that he written an essay on literature

jane said that polina can swim well

ilya said that i shold translate the text!

kate said you are doing my homework now

lev said we shouldn`t run!

slava asked do i like strawberry jam

vitalina asked where do koalas live?

yura asked when are my birthday?

artyom said that we have english three times a week

vova said that he has been to the zoo twice

alisa said that she is chatting with her friends now

timofey said they watched a very interesting movie two days ago

vlad said that he can run fast

nastya said to don’t make noise!

danya asked to help him with his homework

danill said that our dog is clever

zhenya said they will have a test tomorrow

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