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Read the text again and choose the right item

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In the 1970s new tv technologies were  developed. a lot of tv programmes are devoted to politics. in the future new tv stations will be built in russia. i am sure the best tv films will be shown next year. television is used for many purposes. the is known as the best non-commercial television system. television signal is sent from a central source and received by home tv sets. more and more people will be touch with the help of television in the future. our lives will be dominated by television in the future. we hope that more good films are watched by young people.
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the old-women like playing bingo.

the british are said to be the only people on earth to have the world which means “standing in line“ . it’s a queue / kju: / the british queue for everything – for public transport and toilet, in restaurant, in shops, at the bar, outside cinemas to buy ticket.

english women don’t spend a lot of time on housework. it’s common to see husband helping with cooking and washing up. on sunday they get up late and it’s a good start for a happy day. simply they are less stressed and in less of a hurry

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1. my mother has her own business. 2. margie and her sister have nice office. 3. have you got a new secretary? yes, i have. 4. our boss has many offers from england. 5. his company has several contracts with gmz.

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1) past simple

2) present perfect

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