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Read and complete use the past simple ​

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i am billy. i live in the english forest

i think i am very nice

i have got a lot of friends. i go to school. i can write.

i like sweets, honey, jam and cakes.

but i dont like cabbage and corn .

do you  like honey and sweets?

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  it`s a sports game ?  

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1. what was mark twain's real name? d. samuel langhorne clemens

2. what is the name of his character who has adventures on the mississippi with a runaway slave? d. huck finn

3. who wrote the play antony and cleopatra?

d. william shakespeare

4. who wrote the ugly duckling? d. hans christian andersen

5. electra by euripides is what?

c. a tragedy6. what is the nationality of franz kafka?

b. czech7. who were the brothers grimm? -d. jacob and wilhelm

8. what day is derived from the norse god thor? d. thursday

8. what was ali baba's profession in ali baba and the forty thieves?

c. woodcutter9. where did sherlock holmes and dr. watson live?

d. 221b baker street

10. how many years did rip van winkle sleep?

b. 20

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i am going to visit london in june.

i am going to read books in july.

i am going to visit my friends in august.

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