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Put the verbs into the past simple. write the correct verb forms. then match the questions to the answers. write only the number (1, 2, 3…) 1. what time this morning? (wake up/ you) 2. why to london? (go/ they) 3. what country last year? (visit/ your family) answers: 1) at 8 30. 2) in 1999. 3) on business. 4) eggs and bacon. 5) soup and a salad. 6) when he was 6. 7) flowers. 8) they are my friends. 9) it is tasty. 10) portugal. 11) harry potter. 12) keys.

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the bird is yellow. its eyes are black.

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back in1989,911received a callfrom maryrossi,who reportedthatbrutallykilledthree people.20 years later, her daughterisabellais trying tofigure outwhat hadhappened to hermother.shegoesto the hospitalfor the criminally insanein italy,where hermother,which is consideredinsane andobsessed withthe devil.isabellaturns for help totwo youngpriests,who are going todrive thedevil out ofher motherwith the help ofnon-traditionalmethods, but theywill be faced witha hithertounknownevil,justbecausemariais obsessed withfour

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  i think tiny is kind and funny. 

billy and martin can play chess well.

3)how old are you? -   i am seven

4)are you a pupil? - yes, i am.

5) are tiny got many english books? - yes, a lot of books. 

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1)he  has lost  his car keys

2)he      falls  over

3they have a baby

4)we  have not eaten all day

5)they  have  just scored a goal

6)she  has missed  the bus

дано не совсем корректно непонятно чего надо

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