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My national hero тақырыбына кішкентай эссе. краткое сочинение на тему my national hero

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1) what kind of clothes do lawyers wear? 2) what do you have if an ax falls on your car? 3) what is in the army and is corny? 4) what do you call a man when a marine sits on him? 5) an old fashioned bike wheel has 21 spokes. how many spaces are between the spokes - 20, 21, or 22? 6) where did pilgrims land when they arrived in america? 7) who succeeded the first president? 8) when is the best time to have lunch?


1) lawsuits2) an ax-i-dent (accident)3) a colonel (kernel).4) submarine.5) 21; draw it and count them.6) on their feet.7) the second one! 8) after breakfast!  

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i have never seen him before. 

what are you doing? -i'm eating a tasty cake. can i take a piece, please?

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My national hero jose rizal and andres bonifacio played some of the biggest roles in the revolution against spain and are considered two of the biggest national heroes in the philippines. but if we were to say who should be entitled as the country’s true national hero, in my opinion, it should be jose rizal because he paved the way for andres bonifacio and the people of the philippines to push on and fight against spain. he gave all of us the idea of fighting for a chance to win and grasp what is rightfully ours and our freedom. jose rizal’s works served as an inspiration to people. it sparked the flame that the filipinos needed in order to attain their freedom and take back our homeland. there were some quotes in his most famous novel “noli mi tangere” which translates into “touch me not” that have been striking and really helped in inspiring people. one of the many quotes is “there are no tyrants if there are no slaves” which the filipinos could relate very much at that time because the spaniards ruled the philippines. there were so many filipinos who were enslaved and forced to obey spanish rule weather they liked it or not. another quote that made the filipinos think about their honor and dignity is “cowardice rightfully understood begins with selfishness and ends with shame”. this meant that people should fight back. that they should stand for what’s right and not just watch their brethrens die the from the sidelines. that they should take back our country and end spanish rule once and for all because freedom is everyone’s right. there are so many things to consider that why jose rizal is the true national hero of the philippines but we should not forget what the others has done for the country as heroes as well but with the help and inspiration of rizal, he was the light in the darkness which showed them where to go and why.
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