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Make up 3 sent. in past simple (+ !

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1.madame tussauds is situated in london. it  is a museum that contains wax models of famous people from all over the world.there are a lot of galleries such as pirates of the caribbean ,world leaders, warhol`s women the royal family,sports stars,the culture zone and the history of london.so that you can feel the atmosphere of different ages, you can see the rulers of various countries, as well as you can see the founder of this unusual museum. you can move from room to room looking at stars of show business, sportsmen, movie and cartoon  characters , stars of television and fashion, scientists, the members of the royal family.

2.on the corner next to westminster bridge stands st. stephen`s tower, which contains the 13-ton bell,big ben,that is world-wide known.the nickname 'big ben' was given to the bell after sir benjamin hall.the man oversaw   the installation of the great bell. 

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hi michaela

how are you? i wanted to thank you for the homework you did for me last sunday.

oh yeah the party i had last night - it was greate all the coolest boys from school were there i wish you should have came. drinks and food were fantastik. i met a guy named rob he is very handsome and nice.the music was so cool and rob asked me for a dance.

we danced alot until the midnight . he wanted to see me again.

best wishes

p.s. see you  on monday

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i was in london two years ago .

she bought her ticket to the theater yesterday .

we helped our granny to get a car.

did you like my photos?

was she at school last day?

were they happy because of   their new song?

i wasn"t at home   last

he didn"t like his friend"s sister.

they were not sad at the my party.

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+: i preferred doing my homework independently.-: i didn’t prefer doing my homework independently.? : did i prefer doing my homework independently?
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