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Look at the picture and name the parts of nicks body

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1.who is sleeping?

is your sister sleeping?

was your sister sleeping?

whose sister is sleeping?

2.are you making a noise?

who not   making a noise?

3.are you doing talking?

who   doing talking?

what are you doing ?

4.are you learning the words of a new english song?

what are you learning?

is i am learning the words of a new english song?

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i usually make plans for my birthday party one month earlier


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1. hair

2. eye

3. ear

4. mouth

5. chin

6. shoulder

7. heart

8. arm

9. stomach

10. toe

11. leg

12. toe

13. face

14. body

15. finger

16. foot

17. nose

18. lip

19. head

20. neck

21. back

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