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Look at the inventions and decide which one is the most important 1) a tv set 2) a computer 3)a music centre

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i dont go to shool at 7: 40     when i go to school

he isnt doing homework       what is he doing

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-hello. what is the matter?

  -i am not well. i* ve hurt my  arm when i played  football yesterday.

  -please. let me see. is it painfull here?

. an awfull  ache. i can*t  stand   it any more! help me. please!

i think you have broken your arm. it is a real fracture

  - oh , doctor. don*t touch it , please

-o*k. to be  sure of it you have to make an x-ray.

-thank you, doctor

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2 вариант,хотя телевидение тоже повлияло,оба равнозначны

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первое и второе потомушто из телевизора можно увидеть новости и всё токое а в компютере тоже короче 1 и 2ю

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