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Is at her report a)already b)yet c)still d)again

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originally  sighted  and wise people  thought aboutconservation  of natural resources,  concerned about the purity  of rivers and lakes, the  density offorests and  soil fertility.  however,  modern man  is increasingly  forgets  to whom he owes  his existence:   more and more  nature  to retreat  to thetechnical progress and  the human  thirst for profit.  enough of  natural resources  for our children  and grandchildren?   the answer to  this question  can only give  ourselves  every day,making  every effort to  preserve the purity of  the world around us.

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1. theresa may.

2. donald trump.

3. frank walter steinmeier.

4. philip iv.

5. the president of my country is vladimir putin.

6. the president of belarus is alexander lukashenko.

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is she still working at her report


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is at her report





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