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Gchoose the correct option. (1) mr dennis went on a business trip and now he’s back. mr dennis has been / gone on a business trip. (2) the buyers are in the supermarket now. the buyers have been / gone to the supermarket. (3) it is the end of the academic year. how often have you been/passed exams this semester? (4) the program of the university of economics is rather hard. have you ever
addressed/consulted a tutor?

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1) they went to the theatre last week. 2) my cousin has been to the theatre three times this week. 3) his niece has just written the invitation letters. 4) helen came home, had a short rest, and then began to help her mother. 5) did your relatives take part in the demonstration yesterday? 6) have your parents told you about the project today?
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glad to see them

deep pockets


you feel young

i accept


no use


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1.has gone

2.have gone

3.have you passed


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