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Fill in the correct question word she? are you going? can i get you ? dress do you like? the whiten one or the black one ? hat is this ? did she leave work early ? is my wallet? is your favourite actor? do you need? did mark go to germany ?

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are they your friends? -yes, they are

is he your brother? - yes, he is

can he ride a bike? - no, he can't

do you want to play with the ball? - no, i don't

does she roller-skate well? - no, she doesn't

does your friend want to play the piano? - yes, he does


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when do their office hours begin?

is mr.bell busy all day?

their office hours don't begin at 9 o’clock.

mr.bell is not busy all day.

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2 what

3 how

4 what


5 when

6 why

7 what



10 i

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