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Exercise. fill in the gaps using some or any.  waiter:   are you ready to order now?   peter:   yes, we are.  mary:   do you have (1) russian salad today? waiter:   no, we don't have (2) i'm sorry. we have (3)   greek salad left though. would you like (4) mary:   oh, ok. i'll try (5) peter:   yes, i will try the greek salad too. then can i have (6)   of the italian seafood starters that are on the menu? would you like (7)   too, mary? mary:   oh, no not for me. i never eat (8)   seafood. it makes me sick! waiter:   what about the main course? we have (9)   very nice steak today. peter:   well, i don't eat (10) red meat so i will have the quiche*. is there (11)   meat in that? waiter:   no, there isn't (12)   meat in the quiche. and for you, madam?   mary:   i would like the steak please. waiter:   would you like (13)   wine with your meal? mary:   ok, a bottle of red wine.  waiter:   fine. thank you very much. * quiche – киш (открытый пирог с начинкой из взбитых яиц, сыра и других ингредиентов)

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