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Exercise. Choose the right variant. 1. What time (mustn't, will, shall) I pick you up from (a, the, -) work? - (At, in, about) 7 sharp. 2. Have you heard Jane playing (the, a, -) piano (late, lately)? 3. I like living in the country. It's a lot (peaceful) than the city. 4. (a, the, -) Louvre has a large number of famous works, such as (a, the, -) Mona Lisa and (a, the, -)Venus de Milo. (a, the, -) 5. (A, the, -) pyramids in Egypt (build) to be tombs for (a, the, -) pharaohs. 6. In (a, the, -) New York you could visit (a, the, -) Central park, (a, the, -) Empire State Building and (a, the, -) Times Square and see (a, the, -) show on (a, the, -) Broadway. 7. He's late again. It's typical (of, for, about) him to keep everybody waiting. 8. Be careful, there (be) too (many, much, a lot of) cars in (this, these) cities.

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need of telling

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1. next year ben will visit his english pen friend. - when will ben visit his english pen friend? 2. there are ten apple trees in his garden. -how many apple trees are there in his garden? 3. they go to the church on sundays. - where do they go on sundays? 4. there is a deep river near their farmhouse. - what is there near their farmhouse? 5. the farmer will ride his horse in the field in an hour. - who will ride a horse in the field in an hour?
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мистер литл и его семья жили в нью-йорке. мистер литл работал в офисе.

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1. what did you find in the attic?

2. where is the capital of the uk located?

3. when will we go the cinema?

4. why did you decide to do that?

5. how did you find that salad?

6. how often do you attend judo lessons?

поставь мне просто кликом "лучшее решение", если несложно.

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