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Exercise 5. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous or Present Simple 1. The river flow) very fast today - faster than usual.
2. You
*_(always to complain) that waiters are rudel
(walk) to school every day. I
(take, not) the bus.
4. You
(always to borrow) money!
5. That's worrying because the number of people without job_
6. Robert is a vegetarian. He feat, not) meat.
(you, cook) your own dinner every day?
8. Holidays abroad
(become) increasingly popular.
9. Are you in a hurry? -- No,
(walk) quickly because I'm cold.
10. Where's your father? - He
(be) in the bathroom. He
11. The neighbours forever... (slam) doors and 1 (shout) during the night.
12. My sister
(to take) part in the competitiong almost every

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1) that's wrong. little children can't make bread very well.

2) that's right.

3) that's right.

4) that's wrong. chuck the duck doesn't want to help jen the hen.

5) that's right.

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7. sometimes a vet can be a dangerous job if you try to cure a lion or a tiger. 8. only kind people who love animals can  become a vet. 9. idon*t want to be a vet because i am afraid of blood. but i like animals. 10. all vets must know information about animals. their body. food and a lot of more

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1. is flowing

2.always complain

3.I walk to school everyday. don't take

4. always borrow


6. doesn't feat

7. do you cook

8. become

9. I am walking

10. is. is shaving

11. slams, shouts

12. takes part

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