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Exercise 2. answer the following questions: 1.when do you usually travel? 2.where do you go? 3.do you collect information about the places you would like to visit? 4.do you think that travel broadens one's mind? 5.some people travel to faraway places not to see people, while others travel to meet people. what about you? 6.what places would you like to visit? 7.what do you like better, to travel alone or in a group? why? 8.how are you going to spend your next vacation? are you going to go anywhere? how long are you going to be on vacation? what are you going to do? is anyone going to travel with you? 9.what do you hate doing on vacation? 10.when did you last travel by railroad? 11.from which railroad station do trains leave moscow for the south (the north, the west, the east)? 12.do you prefer a lower or an upper berth? why? 13.are you fond of travelling? 14.why do people travel? 15.how many hours a day do you spend travelling? 16.why do some people choose planes for travelling? 17.do you like to travel by train? what are its advantages? 18.would you like to go on a big ocean cruise? 19.why can it be convenient to travel by car? 20.have you ever been on a coach tour? 21.if you could spend a hiking holiday wherever you like, whatplace would you choose? ​

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