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Ex 1 1.allow e. let

2.create h. make

3.stop b. prevent

4.passed f. transferred

5.incurable j. untreatable

6.technique c. method

7.result a. effect

8.sure g. certain

9.dangerous d. hazardous

10.open the door to i. lead to

Ex 2

Britain Says Yes to 3-parent Babies

Lawmakers in the U.K. have voted to allow doctors to create babies from the DNA of three different

people. It will be the first country in the world to do this. There was a vote in Britain's parliament,

where 382 lawmakers voted for allowing three-person babies and 128 voted against the idea. The idea

behind three-person babies is to stop diseases being passed from a mother to her newborn baby.

Doctors say that as many as 150 babies a year could be born using the new technique. The first baby

to be born using the DNA from three people could be as early as next year. The technique will help

families with mitochondrial diseases. These are incurable and affect about one in 6,500 children

The technique is quite simple. It combines the DNA of the two parents with the DNA of another

woman. Doctors replace the unhealthy, disease-carrying DNA in the mother's egg with healthy DNA

from the donor. The result is that the baby receives about 0.1 per cent of its DNA from the donor

woman. Lawmakers said the technique was "light at the end of a dark tunnel" for many families.

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron said: "We're not playing God here. We're just making sure

that two parents who want a healthy baby can have one." Critics say the technique could be

dangerous. They say it would open the door to the genetic modification of children and "designer

babies" in the future.

Hot Chair Activity

Possible Questions:

1. Who voted to allow three-person babies in the UK?

2. How many countries in the world currently allow three-person babies?

3. How many votes against the idea were there?

4. When could the first three-person baby be born in the UK?

5. How many children do mitochondrial diseases affect worldwide?

6. Where do doctors put the healthy DNA from the female donor?

7. How much of the donor's DNA does the baby get?

8. What did lawmakers say was at the end of a tunnel?

9. Who said they weren't "playing God"?

10. What did critics say there could be in the future?

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1) it is

2) there are

3) it is

4) it is

5) there is (is there - если вопрос)

6) there is

7) there are

8) it is

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i go to school every day

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4. chris doesn't want

5. do you want

6. does ann live

7. sarah knows

8. i don't travel

9. do you usually get up

10. they don't go out

11. tim always finishes

12. a) does jill do

b) she works

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in 2100 all children won`t go to the school. they will study at home. in 2100 all people will be able to have free flight to the space. in 2100 all people will know 8 or 9 langueges. in 2100 all people will have robots.

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