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Essay: national symbols of kazakhstan. key words: flag, emblem, anthem, author, eagle, winged horles, ornament, president.​

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1.she said me that would l call she the next day2.sue said that they were going away on holiday the following month3.paul said that he hadn't heard from michael for quite time4.charlie said that they had won the final match5. lucy asked was his brother in hospital.
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i couldn't switch on the lights, if tornado had torn down the wires?

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Читаешь текст и пытаешься перевести и смотришь если правда то true,неправда - false,не сказано - not say.там нет никакой логики.
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there once was a badger. he liked to do exercises in the morning, run, jump! he believed that he was happiest in the world of badgers.one day he went swimming in the river. swim, swim and came across something acute.on thought that this shark. badger and just saw. ran it and told it to his friends. they went to this place and saw that nothing dangerous is an ordinary fall.

and since then,  the badger  was considered  a

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