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Do young people today only think about themselves? what can teens do to help the community? write an essay discussing your opinions using specific examples. (140-190 words)​ нада, !

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1)it is important that we (should) appreciate people's kindness.

2)everyone should show consideration when they talk to elderly people.

3)everyone should be quiet and listen when they are at the lecture.

4)we must respect our parents.

5)we must help each other to solve this problem

6)it is forbidden to smoke in some public places because it may disturb somebody, as they have to breath polluted air.

7)no one is allowed to violate the law to  because everybody must obey it.

8)we can't be friends as i can't trust you.

9)it is prohibited to use a mobile phone while driving a car as it may cause an accident.

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  1.she said the children had been  playing since they went out.  2. tim had been  making the same spelling mistakes since i started teaching him.  3. we  had been  corresponding since i moved to this town.  4. how long  had she been  studing french before she left for paris?   5. the children is so dirty. he  has been  playing in the wet sand since morning.  6. my eyes are aching. i  have been  reading the report for the whole afternoon.  7. by the time we finish the tenth form, we  have been writing a lot of essays and summaries

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who is  going to take an umbrell?

are you  going to take an umbrella or a rain coat?

i`m not going to take an umbrella, am i?

what am  i  going to take?

am i  going to take an umbrella?

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