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Complete the sentences with the correct relative pronouns. tick the sentences where the pronouns can be left out. example: the price of housing is a problem which that everyone has an opinion about1. the apartment i share whith my girlfriend has new kitchen appiliances2. mike lives in a town price are so hight that young people live3. that is the house sold for five mıllıon dollars last year4. the man met yesteday is the owner of that big block of flats in houston street5. look. it's the woman is our next-door neighbour! ​

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тут вродебы все есть

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1. d

2 c

3 d

4 d

5 d

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out of town, on  а bridge, on a farm, in a field, in church, on saturdays, in the desert, in the yard, on a tree, in a city.

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я шарю в , а что собственно нужно?

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