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Complete the sentences using the present perfect form of the verb in brackets нужно 10

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hobby  among young people  of russia.  in russia,  young people  are very  fond ofdifferent things.  everyone  involved in  our teens.  now they  all is permitted.  time  is.but will the  young people  to spend it  and increase  their knowledge, it depends onthe level of education  of youth.  who is  most often  a lot of children  smoke and  drink beer  just  enjoying themselves  a little less  even less  play  and  learn and  the restserezdno  addicted  sports  but most  are doing  it all  at once.  he is fond of  young people in  the mainread books, draw,  write, watch  anime,  play sports

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2. was snowing

3. weren`t driving

4. was he doing

5. were you crying

6. was sitting

7. were living

8. wasn`t working

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1.my brother has bought all j.r.r tolkein`s books

2.we have not seen the new james bond film

3.i have not written a novel, but i want to

4.they have liven in lots of different cities

5.you have read all the science-fiction books in the school library

6.my father has met lots of interesting people

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