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Complete the sentences the correct music idiom.good ear for music out of tuneblows her own trumpet music to my ears1) she always telling everyone how wonderful she is.2) my sister has she can sing a tune as soon as she's heard it.​

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my friend`s name is sasha/he is eleven/we (always) play computer games and walk together.sasha lives in my house/his granny brings him up.he   goes in for swimming.sasha is very good friend and i `m glad that i have him

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чёрые, короткие.никак раньше

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1) at that time, when i'm 25, people will have a good education2) by the time when i will be 25, the earth will be contaminated3) while we do not pollute the planet, our people will not have problems.первое- while the people in our cities will not litter, they will not do harm the planet.второе- while the people in our cities, they have to worry about the cleanliness of the city and the planet.until very dirty should not walk, so we will take care of the planet and the city to monitor the purity    



я думаю,что,нужно так) 

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1. my mom tidies up in my room.2. my mon irones in my family.

3. my daddy cooks in my family.

4. my daddy fixes things in my family.

5. my mom goes shopping in my family.

6. my mom washes up in my family.

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