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Compare the two dolls' houses.​

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1. what is called the biggest star factory in the world? why is hollywood called the biggest star factory?

2. is oscar night called the most important event in show biz? what is called the most important event in show biz?

3. where may you see some famous stars? who(m) may you see if you visit malibu?

4. what are you unlikely to have in los angeles? where are you unlikely to have bad weather? are you likely to have bad weather in los angeles?

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Сообщений: 410 re: составить предложение из слов «  ответ #1 :   07 мая 2011, 23: 00 » 1 when he fell off his horse he was laughing 2 the police is looking for the money stolen yesterday наверное, в опечатка: должно быть for, а не far 3 what are you looking for? 4 can she speak any foreign language fluently?  
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сравните дома двух кукол

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