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Choose 5 most important objects and write what each object might,must or can be used for

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volunteering is a very good activity. there are volunteers in all countries. volunteers help the poor and needy. volunteers collect money and distribute money for the poor. volunteers work in the charitable organizations. i also want to be a volunteer. i want to participate in different projects and help people who need help. volunteers always take care of the elderly and sick people. volunteers are a sign of a developed society. i want to become a volunteer abroad, at least for a while. i want to learn foreign experience of volunteering.

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1. what place is called the biggeststar factory in the world?

why does hollywood called this way?

2. is oskar night the most important event in show biz?

what is the most event in show biz?

3. what can you see visiting malibu?

what can you see visiting malibu?

4.what are you unlikely to have in la?

where are u unlikely to have bad weather?

you are unlikely to have bad weather in la, aren't you?

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лина1234,я писала про объекты-вещи,которые важны для человека. если что неправильно-пиши и я исправлю ответ. 


1. first important object for man is clothes. clothes may be different color and styles. 

with clothes,we  show   our character, our attitude to the world. сlothes  also well chosen   saves us from the cold or heat.  

2. second important object for man are food and drink.  with food and drink we have needed for the body's energy force. foods rich in vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. each of these components helps the body and therefore need to eat varied, not only to a certain food.  need to drink more than 2 liters a day, because our body is 80 percent water and needs to replenish moisture reserves. 

3. third important object for man is house. our roof over your head. we must have a shelter to live, to keep his farm, a place where we could retire, sleep, eat. house is our cozy nest. 

4. fourth important object for man is books,information.  we should read to get various information and knowledge. reading develops imagination and fantasy. 

5. fifth important object for man is communication. we need to talk, to live together to understand each other, do not feel alone, if necessary, ask for help. after all, communication is impossible to live without!

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if you go hiking you should have some important things. a knife can be used to cut different things. matches (спички) must be used to make a fire. a torch (фонарик) might be used when it is dark. a map can be used to help you find your way. a tent might be used when it rains.

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