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Change the following sentences into indirect speech. 1)he asked his friend, “have you ever written a poem yourself? ” 2)mary asked me, “have you brought any english books with you? ” 3)the students said to their new teacher, “we read ‘david copperfield’ last year” 4)the children asked the teacher, “shall we go to the zoo, if it is a nice day? ” 5)my friend asked, “did you go to the new exhibition yesterday? ” 6)father said, “don’t forget to close the window before you leave. it’s windy outside” 7)the student was upset by the father’s reaction and asked, “do you consider my question to be foolish? ” 8)the shopkeeper asked my wife, “when do you want the sofa to be delivered? ” 9)many astronomers believe, “intelligent life does not exist in our universe.” 10)the guide started, “the london eye is now the most popular tourist destination in london.”

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1.london is a capital of great   britain. 

2. this city is a historical place.

3. there are so many sights it london!

4. the most popular clock in london is big ben.

5. if you are in this wonderful city you have to visit   buckingham palace.

6. all the most exciting moments you will know there.

7. london has many different shops.

8. if i am in london, i would like to visit harrods.

9. long time ago this shop was a small store and now is a big shop.

10. there are many exciting places you may visit in london.

11. i like london because this city is full of adventages!  


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уильям кекстон (1422 - 1491 г)

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1)the sun was getting hotter and hotter.

2)my mother was putting some cake on the table.

3)the twins were laughing.

4)what were you doing   last night?

5)i was reading a newspaper.

6)wher were you driving?

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гоу в лс там ок?

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