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a. Complete the sentences

1. The sales assistant she try on a black dress.

a. recommend b. advises c. suggested that

2. Carl was injured last week, and the doctor not play in the next match.

a. suggests him b. advised him c. recommended that he

3. The lawyer his client not to discuss the case with anyone.

a. recommends b. advised c. suggested

4. Juan we leave early to allow time for traffic.

a. recommends b. advised c. suggested that

5. Gabriella having dinner at the restaurant close to my house.

a. suggested b. recommend c. advise

6. Her family her to wait a few years before she gets married.

a. advised b. suggested c. recommends that

b. Choose the correct verb

1. The waiter recommended that we the curry soup because it’s very spicy.

a. not try b. don’t try c. isn’t trying

2. I recommend that he to the doctor as soon as possible.

a. going b. goes c. go

3. Professor Plum suggested that Paula harder for the final exam.

a. studies b. should study c. to study

4. The teacher recommended a few lines in my essay.

a. I change b. changing c. to change

5. He advised me hard.

a. to work b. that I work c. working​

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1. in london there are a lot of sights.2. where your brother? it in london.3. in perm there were more cinemas 20 years ago.4. on komsomolsky avenue two cinemas.5. two best cinemas of perm are on komsomolsky avenue.

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заполните промежутки с : some, any, much, many,1)how many potatoes have we got? not many2)there are some peas, but there aren't any onions.3)are there any apples? yes, but not many 4) are there any bananas? no , there aren't any bananas 

если я тебе отмет мое решение как наилучшее

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1)this is my jumper.

this jumper is mine.

  2)this is your skateboard.

this skateboard is yours.

  3)these are his shoes.

these shoes are his

  4)these aren't your tickets, they're her tickets.

these tickets aren*t yours, they are hers

  5)this is their book, it isn't her book

this book is theirs, it isn*t hers

  6)these are my shoes, they aren't his shoes.

these shoes are mine, they aren*t his


1)it that  my wallet?

2)where is their football?

3)that football isn't yours!

  it's mine!

4)he hasn't got our tickets.

5)have you got your books? we've got ours.

6)where's your skateboard?

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1.he cleans  his room .  does he clean his room? он убирает свою комнату.

2.he  washes the dishes.does he  wash the dishes? он поет посуду,( ? )

3. she watches tv.  does she watch tv? она смотрит

4. they dance at the party. do they dance at the party? они танцуют на

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