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8класс. составить общий, специальный и альтернативные вопросы.2,3,5 предложения.! ( 15 ​

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yes, i had  such a case.  a  high school student  (dima)  bullied  me  so that i  gave  him the money every day .  at first i  was afraid to  tell  anyone  else.  but once  he started to  extort  money from me  and my  friend saw  the situation and  told to  my dad.  my  dad  called his  mom  to the director  and    dima  has been punished, and  yet  he gave me  all the money  and asked me for  forgiveness

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структура be ( в разных временах) +3 колонка.( past participle).

я делал .

было сделано мной.

я делаю чай.

час сделан мною.

я сделаю чай

чай будет сделан мною.

это пассив.

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i dont go to shool at 7: 40     when i go to school

he isnt doing homework       what is he doing

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1. send

2. is writing

3. is looking

4. attend

5. is, is preparing

6. always make

7. isn't examining, is giving, examines

8. contains.

9. tell,   are asking

10. boil

11. are musicians having, are rehearsing, preform

12. are doctors using, aren't work, prescribing

13. is always playing

14. are you waiting, are, arrives

15. arepeter and tim going to, they are, go, invite

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