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40 нужно составить вопросы по этим предложениям 1. it was always difficult to travel by plane. 2. many seats on planes are needed for government representatives and army people. 3. mr brown was not a very important person. 4. mr brown wanted to go to edinburgh to listen to some important lecture.
5. a very important army officer had to fly to edinburgh on the same day. 6. mr brown had to give his seat to the officer. 7. mr brown was given another seat on the plane. 8. the important officer arrived in edinburgh to give a lecture. 9. mr brown was late for the lecture.

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1. tom plays football on saturday.

2. he doesn't play football every day.

3. i'm wearing a suit now.

4. i'm not wearing jeans now.

5. my friend doesn't like to play football.

6. i'm not reading now.

7. is he sleeping now?

8. we don't go to the country in winter.

9. my sister eats sweets every day.

10. she's not eating sweets now.

11. they do their homework in the afternoon.

12. they don't go for a walk in the evening.

13. my father doesn't work on sunday.

14. he works every day.

15. i read books in the evening.

16. i don't read books in the morning.

17. i'm writing an exercise now.

18. i'm not writing a letter now.

19. they're playing in the yard now.

20. they're not playing in the street now.

21. are they playing in the room now?

22. he helps his mother every day.

23. does he help his mother every day?

24. he doesn't help his mother every day.

25. do you go to school on sunday?

26. is she working in a shop now?

27. is he delivering letters now?

28. do you go to the opera with your friends?

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a short ruler-a shorter ruler- the shortest ruler

a funny monkey -a funnier  monkey- the funnist monkey

  long hair-  longer hair- the longest hair

  big houses-bigger houses- biggest houses

  a clever dog- a cleverer dog- the  cleverest  dog

  an old car -an older car-the oldest car,

a long street-a longer street- the longest street ,

new books-newer books- the newest books,

a nice puppy- a nicer puppy- the nicest  puppy

  a funny story-  a funnier story- the funniest story,

a happy child-  a happier child- the  happiest child

an easy task-an easier task- the eaiest task

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1.was it always diffucult to travel by plane?

2.for whom many seats on plane are needed?

3.was mr.brown an important person?

4.why did mr.brown want to go to edinburg?

5.where army officer had to fly?

6.what mr.brown had to give to the officer?

7.who was
given another seat on the plane?

8.who arrived to edinburg to give a lecture?

9.who was late for the lecture?

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