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3correct the sentences.1. midas loved gold better than his daughter.2. midas seldom counted his pieces of gold. often3. midas was not happy because he was not the richest man in the world.4. everything that midas touched turned into glass. 5. the next morning midas woke up late.6. at breakfast his daughter was sitting opposite him.7. when his coffee turned into gold, midas was very happy.правильно пиши иначе в спам! ​

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who went to the evening classes yesterday?

did she go to the evening classes yesterday?

when did she go to the evening classes?

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"do you want to go to the country? " my wife asked me on sunday. "i`d love to". i answered. we decided to go to - kuskovo and got there at eleven in the morning. the weather was fine and we had a long walk in the park. we went back to the town at four in the afternoon. we had - dinner, and in the evening we went to the theatre. (we often go to the cinema or to the theatre on - saturday or surday). the play was very interesting and we liked it very much. then we went - home. at - home we had - supper, played the game of - chess and went to - bed at 12 o`clock.

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- hello. what's the matter?

- i don't feel well. i have a bad headache and a sore throat. i am coughing.

- have you got high temperature?

- sorry, i don't but i think my forehead is hot. 

- show me you throat i think you should stay in bed and take some aspirin. 

    honey with milk will be good for you too. 

- thank you, doctor.


- . что случилось?

- я плохо себя чувствую. у меня сильно болит голова и горло. я кашляю.

- у вас есть температура?

- извините, не но мне кажется, что мой лоб горячий. 

- покажите мне ваше я думаю, вам следует лежать в постели и принимать аспирин. молоко с медом также будут полезны вам.

- , доктор.

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1 saw … were traveling 2 haven’t finished 3 shall join 4 didn’t answer … had received 5 would invite   6 performed 7 will have read 8 were sleeping … prepared 9 is looking … lost 10 looked

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