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35б ! надо составить предложения с этими словами про весну в беларуси.

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good morning! this says petrov. can i talk to mr. johnson?

- good morning! sorry, but mr. johnson is now out. could you call in ten minutes?

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  last summer i went to new zealand with my parents. we went there by plane. it was very comfortable.

  in new zealand we stayed at the hotel. our hotel was very beautiful and large.

  in new zealand we saw a lot of interesting places. my parents and i visited many museums. we also visited a zoo. i saw a lot of animals there.

  i liked my trip to new zealand. it is very interesting country.  


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мин сиңа ярдәм итә алам, син монда язган, дип әйт ?

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the russian federation is the official name of our country

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