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30 написать прилагательные по темам "идеальные родители, идеальный ребенок"

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actually, the correct way to write this:

1. when was the radio invented?

2. the book was written by pushkin.

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events of the picture begin in the same place where "thor: ragnarok" ended. the ship of the asgardis is broken, almost all are dead. thanos is trying to get loki to give tesseract, slowly squeezing thor's head with the help of the stone of power (he has already destroyed the planet xandar). loki pulls time until the hulk appears; ebony mou of the black order orders others not to intervene so that thanos has fun. thanos beats hulk, loki gives up and gives tesseract. thanos pulls out a space stone from tesseract and inserts it into a glove. loki tries to fool him again and dies.thanos wants to kill the hulk, but heimdal uses the power of bevrest to send the hulk to earth, where he falls on sanctum sanorum, where dr. strange invited tony stark. as they talk, a giant ring appears in the sky above new york; heroes go to help people and encounter minions of thanos. iron man gives battle to kallu obsidian, doctor strange loses the duel to ebony owning telekinesis, and he is taken to the ship-ring. bruce banner after hitting thanos can no longer turn into the hulk.peter parker rides the bus that leads stan lee; he sees the ring, asks his friend to distract the rest of the passengers and hurries to the aid of tony stark; together they manage to drive off calla obsidian. then spider-man tries to save strange, but he does not come out, and eventually he finds himself on a ship that rises into space. tony stark sends an iron spider costume for peter to save him and flies by himself.

the guardians of the galaxy pick up the thor; gamora mentions that she knows some big secret about thanos that she will not tell anyone, and asks peter quill to kill her if she is suddenly forced to tell this secret to thanos. the guards separate: raccoon and groot with thor go to the gnomes for the thunderbird, able to defeat thanos, and the rest - to the collector for another stone.

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good child

smart child

educational child

attentive child

obedient child

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