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25 текст на (топик) на тему art 10 предложений легко учишийся​

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1) that's wrong. - they  can*t   make bread very well.

2) that's right. the chickens want to help their mother.

3) that's wrong.jen's friends are not   lazy.

4)    that's right. chuck the duck likes to help jen the hen.

5) that's right. he wants to run and jump.

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dairy day has 24 hours

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it is not a secret, that art is an integral part in our life. art has accompanied us since childhood.

we have learnt to draw, to sing, to tell poems, to make origami,someone of guys even wrote songs. now i study at school and we often disscuse art in literature and painting on lessons. and
i always find the interest in these discussions, because i am a creative person. for example, i adore painting(герундий, т.к. adore: я люблю рисовать), because it helps me to express my feelings and it helps to take a break from work. also i like to visit art exibitions with my family, because it is
interesting and informative. and sure, i can't without my favourite music. i am music lover(меломан), but i much жанр). music improve my mood, moreover, music pushes me to dream and fantasize. so, art is very important in our life. art is a way of self-expression and a way to share your ideas,

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