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20 complete the sentences with the right word: many, much, little, a little, few, a few. when i studied at school, i had to work hard. i did not have ( talents and had to spend all my time on studies. i knew ( about maths or physics but was naturally talented in spelling. (3) pupils in my class were as good as i was at writing dictations. one day i said to myself: «if i get as in maths and physics, i’ll come top of the class». to reach the goal i began to work even harder. i spent (4) hours reading and doing exercises. «you should give yourself (5) rest» , - my mother used to say: «you will end up in hospital if you do not go out for a walk once in a while». but i said to myself «knowledge is power, and i want to be powerful». in (6) months i made so (7) progress that all the teachers agreed i should be awarded «top of the class» badge.

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