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2. напиши вопросы, которые были заданы.1.no, she didn't. she watched tv. no, i wasn't. i was at home.i played badminton.yes, we did. we walked in the park​

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1. buckingham palace is the place where british quenn live and reigns

2. in the westmister abby hold the coronations of british kngs and quenns

3. -

4. maybe tandem is the oxford and the cambridge. the two most famous universities in the uk


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3) yummy


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1. did she playing now? она играет сейчас? 2.was you at the rink yesterday? ты был на катке вчера? 3. did you walk yesterday? вы гуляли вчера?
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1. did she read the book?

2.yesterday was you in school?

3.what did you did?

4.did you walked in the park?

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