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1what jobs are there in the advertising industry? 2 would you like to work in the advertising industry? why/why not? 3 what kind of knowledge, skills and personal qualities do you need to work in advertising? 4 how do adverts work? why do they influence us, do you think? . ​

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i very often ponder what i would like to change in my school. firstly, i would like to introduce innovative technologies into teaching. time passes, you must use his achievements. it would be interesting if each one of us had the opportunity to prepare projects, shoot videos on specific topics, make presentations and show them on a big screen. such an approach to learning could open up all the creative potential of students and make lessons more interesting.

secondly, it would be better to have more visibility. in the lessons of biology, when studying plants, it would be good to go out into nature and demonstrate to the students everything as it is. this would help to develop an interest in learning and would help to unite the team. learning can be interesting. but, unfortunately, very often we are given to familiarize dry material. therefore, i would pay attention to how to help get interesting knowledge

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александр сергеевич пушкин родился 6 июня 1799 г. в москве.

его отец, отставной майор сергей львович пушкин, принадлежал к старому, некогда богатому, дворянскому роду, а мать была внучкой ,,арапа петра великого” (позднее – генерала ).

отец и мать, захваченные великосветской жизнью, обращали мало внимания на детей, из которых выросли только трое: старшая дочь ольга, сыновья александр и лев. остальные дети умерли еще в детстве. их воспитанием занимались часто менявшиеся иностранные гувернеры, о которых у а. с. пушкина остались неприятные воспоминания. в детские годы его лучшим другом была няня арина родионовна, неграмотная крепостная крестьянка, песни и сказки которой привили ее воспитаннику любовь к народной поэзии.

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1)there is a bookshelf with dictionaries in the classroom.


2)next year i’ll have four lessons of english every week.


3)yesterday hobbit went shopping and he bought a nice pen.


4)did you answer the questions at the last lesson? - no,idid not.


5)my little sister will go to school in two years.

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we  throw out the liter   not in the trash

вроде так: )


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