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15 .task 2put the verbs in brackets into will or be going to: ​

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the last time that i went to a shop, i bought so many new things, that it is unbelievable. all of the money which i had in my wallet was spend on the new purchases which i made. the purchases were very varied : the most recent in fashion shirts and skirts, and dresses which i've seen models wear in the fashion magazines which i've read. the store in which i bought all these items was quite elite. my parents later on scolded me for spending all of my money like that, but i myself don't fell that i regret it. 

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это что вставить



1. navruz is celebrated in 21 march

4 our familycompletely clean   house, cook holiday diner and call on our friends and relatives.

остальные не знаю


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вот на : моего друга любим ходить к друг другу в гости, гулять в парке.мой друг мне с , а я ему.я хочу быть похожим на него мой друг, самый лучший друг на свете потому что с ним весело и  хорошо, мы друг другу дарим подарки на праздники и рассказываем новости какие произошли с нами дома, на улице, в школе и в кружках. мне нравится свой лучший друг!                                                                          

вот на :     my friend very much like to go to each other at home, walk in парке.мой friend help me with my homework, and i ему.я want to be like him my friend, the best friend in the world because it is fun and well, we are each other giving gifts for the holidays and tell the news of what had taken place with us at home, on the street, at school and in the clubs. i like his best !             ( только вот про знаки пепинания я не знаю правильно или нет )                                                                                            

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nick has a cathis cat is big and fatcan a pig swim?   ann's pig is not greytim has seven red pens

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