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1.3. номер! или меня посадят на кол

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  i have music classes at school . i like them  i  play a musical instrument . i love playing the piano and violin     i can  read music. i read the notes on the book which gives us the teacher    i have    got a good singing voice.i love to sing rock songs  i  recognise music from any classical composers. symphonic    many different instruments from an orchestra can i recognise. i recognise violin cello piano

all of my friends love the music they also listen to rock,as i my sister listens to pop music
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Сообщений: 410 re: составить предложение из слов «  ответ #1 :   07 мая 2011, 23: 00 » 1 when he fell off his horse he was laughing 2 the police is looking for the money stolen yesterday наверное, в опечатка: должно быть for, а не far 3 what are you looking for? 4 can she speak any foreign language fluently?  
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