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1: 1 копируйте их текста the efffects of medical technology on the us economy выделенные слова и словосочетания, подберите к ним эквиваленты, ориентируясь на тематику текста и составленный вами реферат. 1) increase taxes and overall healthcare costs 2) debt 3)to be blamed for 4) substantial 5) technological advancements 6) have contributed 7) significant economic effects 8) medical field 9) human development 10) media spotlight 11) encompasses 12) world health organization 13) medical field 14) human development 15) media spotlight 16) encompasses 17) world health organization 18) skills 19) procedures 20) gives breadth to 21) noninvasive surgeries. 22)to measure the economic impact 23) methods of researching the effects of medical technology on the u.s. economy posted on may 25, 2016 author charlie rosenblum on march 23rd, 2010, president barack obama signed the patient protection and affordable care act (or aca for short) into law. like many actions that come with the presidency, this was followed by much controversy as critics noted that this plan would increase taxes and overall healthcare costs, something the government did not and does not need with an extremely large and growing debt. while healthcare costs have increased significantly since the mid-20th century, social reforms are not to be blamed for all costs and should not be solely blamed for future costs. in fact, medical technology is the most substantial reason why healthcare costs have increased. medical technology has always been a significant area of medicine and has a long, rich history. examples of technological advancements in medicine throughout history include the magnifying glass in 1250, the flexible catheter in 1752, and dna sequencing in 1992. these inventions among many others have contributed to people’s health, wellness, and lives and have created significant economic effects. but in the past half century or so, the steady trend of technological advancement has increased more than average, especially in the medical field. as a result of this growth, healthcare costs have also risen. with the increased advancement in medical technology, there has been an increase in economic activity and human development but, as a result, healthcare costs have also risen. medical technology defined because medical technology is a relatively new concept to be thrust in the media spotlight and is a growing and profitable area of business and innovation, there has been some argument about what it is and what it encompasses. the world health organization defines medical technology (or health technology) as the “application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures and systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of lives”. note that this definition does not limit medical technology to only devices but also includes medicines, vaccines, procedures, and systems. this gives breadth to even more medical advancement including but not limited to pharmaceutical drugs, cancer treatments, and noninvasive surgeries. it is also important to recognize that there is no “correct” way to measure the economic impact of medical technology. due to the size of the medical industry and the continuous advancement of medicine and medical technology, any direct ways of measuring medical technology’s economic effects are unfeasible. because of this, the economic effects of technology are measured indirectly and thus the methods of researching and results of medical technology’s economic impacts will differ between papers and articles differ. therefore, while this article may write about how one aspect of medical technology is a detrimental cost to the economy, another article may have used different calculations to receive a different conclusion.

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1. if the friends didn't go in the usa, they wouldn't visit death valley.

2. if they came to death valley in winter, they would be able to see more.

3. if they went there, they would be able die of heatstroke.

4. if martin took more than a liter of water, it would help.

5. if the rangers came ten minutes later, they wouldn't be able to save him.

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my grandmother moved the armchair to the fire and sat down. - past simple.

who sold vegetables in our village last year? - past simple.

we tried to move the box but couldn't, because it was too heavy. - past simple.

our cat hates dogs. when it sees a dog it tries to fight. - present simple.

somebody touched me on the arm when i got on a bus. - past simple.

the grandmother is loved by everybody. - present simple passive voice.

the table was moved to the window. - past simple passive voice.

the boy tied the horse to the tree and went to the hous. -  past simple.

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1)you have to buy tickets for the cinema.

2)buy pet supplies online in our pet superstore buy pet supplies online at discount prices in our pet shop.

3)buy with confidence at any of the stores we check.

4)my mum bought me a new coat.


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